Cask & Barrel

Norman Hardie Riesling 2015


Consistently great Riesling in the perfect off-dry style. Strikes the perfect balance of sugar, acid, alcohol, and lime flavour. The rich texture and long finish might make you think the wine is sweeter than it actually is, but there’s no cloying sugar on the tongue. (4.5/5)

Norman Hardie Riesling 2015, Ontario CANADA

$21.00/750 ml, 9.8% abv, Riesling

Norman Hardie Cuvée de Roche 2014


This is probably my favourite style of Chardonnay, bursting with super bright lemon aromas and flavours. There is very minimal oak character, instead lots of fresh, tart acid to finish. One of the few oaked Chardonnays I would sip on its own without food. (4/5)

Norman Hardie Cuvée de Roche 2014, Ontario CANADA

$35.00/750 ml, Chardonnay

Angel’s Gate Pinot Gris 2015


This wine saw some neutral oak barrels, giving it a pretty golden straw colour. I love the complexity of the nose, with beautiful notes of honey, mushroom, and stewed apple. The palate doesn’t live up to the aromas, and there isn’t enough flavour to balance out the dry, slightly tannic mouthfeel. (3.5/5)

Angel’s Gate Pinot Gris 2015, Ontario CANADA

$14.95/750 ml, 13.5% ABV, Pinot Gris

Featherstone Black Sheep Riesling 2015


featherstone-black-sheep-riesling-2015Delicious, ripe stone fruit and sweet lemon-lime jump out of the glass. There’s great body and rich fruit flavour, paired with excellent balance make this a prime example of Ontario Riesling. (4.5/5)

Featherstone Black Sheep Riesling 2015, Ontario CANADA

$16.95/750 ml, 9.8% ABV, Riesling


Trail Estate Hughes Vineyard Riesling 2015


trail-estate-rieslingThis wild-ferment Riesling has a pretty, perfumed nose of lemon and sweet orange. It’s off-dry, but has plenty of minerality and tart acid to balance it out. The restrained palate of candied lime makes it a great apertif, with a clean finish leaving you thirsty for more. (4/5)

Trail Estate Hughes Vineyard Riesling 2015, Ontario CANADA

$28.00/750 ml, 10.0% ABV, Riesling

Kuhlmann-Platz Riesling 2014



Beautiful peach and grapefruit nose. This is a really tasty wine with lots of tart grapefruit flavour and minerality. It has a rich mouthfeel and a fairly long finish, great for pairing with some beurre blanc-drenched seafood. (4.5/5)

Kuhlmann-Platz Riesling 2014, Alsace FRANCE

$16.95/750 ml, 13.0% ABV, Riesling

St. Urbans-Hof Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling 2014


st-urbans-hof-riesling-2014Surprisingly crisp and lean for an inexpensive off-dry Riesling. Tart lime and green apple flavour with a hint of tropical fruit sweetness. Great value and easy drinking. (4/5)

St. Urbans-Hof Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling 2014, Mosel GERMANY

$15.25/750 ml, 9.5% ABV, Riesling