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Mustang Drive-In


I came across an article in the National Post the other day that gave a wonderful history of one of my favourite attractions in the County, the Mustang Drive-In. As a kid I would call them up every Saturday on the landline and listen to Paul read out the programming for the night. I became familiar with his sign-off “The cheques in the mail” long before I understood what those words actually meant. The honking at the start of each show, trying (and failing) to get the little speakers outside of the car to play the audio, and the constant battle between wanting to keep the windows down but the mosquitoes out were mandatory parts of my childhood summers.

In some ways the drive-in has changed with the times. Films are now shown via digital projection, there are TWO movie screens showing double features each night, and upcoming features are announced on their Facebook page. But the soul of the place remains intact. Last time I went there was a shadow puppet show during intermission. Paul’s voice still greets you over the radio to announce the start of the movies. And there was honking — lots of honking.

1591 County Rd 1
Picton, Ontario

(613) 393-2006


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