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Sodom and Gommorah



Demorestville, named for Guillaume Demorest who started the first mill, was a wild and woolly village in the early 1800’s. Lumbermen from the surrounding area made it the centre of their Saturday night drinking binges and free-for-alls. Demorest’s first wife was on her death-bed when a dance was given by one of her neighbours. The party was so boisterous and the noise bothered Mrs. Demorest so much that she remarked that they were “as bad as the inhabitants of Sodom”. The name stuck. For many years the village was known as “Sodom” and just down the hill towards Big Island is a small side-road still marked as “Gommorah Road.”


Source: Kellough, Janet. The Legendary Guide to Prince Edward County. Picton, Ont.: Kellough Productions, 1994.

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