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Nyam Gway


My husband and I joined the Wellington Farmers’ Market in 2016 with as Nyam Gway, our catering/food product business. Our speciality is jerk chicken skewers that we grill to order for takeout at the market. We also jar and sell the seasoning that we use for the chicken, along with a house curry powder and scotch bonnet pepper sauce.

Our business is the product of years spent cooking and eating together, combining our mixed heritage of West Indian and Southeast Asian. Although seemingly worlds apart on the surface, we’ve found that the two cuisines share many common ingredients and flavours. Our food is a mix of everything we love to eat and a reflection of the multicultural city we grew up in.

nyam-gway2016 Market Hours
May 21 to October 8 – Open Saturdays, 8am to 1pm

245 Main Street
Wellington, ON

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