Cask & Barrel

Sweet vs. Fortified Wines


Wines from the March 21, 2016 blind tasting.

Compare a classic Canadian ice wine to a New World white port.

Trail Estate Ice Riesling 2014, Ontario CANADA
$38.00/200 ml, 11.0% ABV, Riesling

Karlo Estates Van Alstine White Port 2013, Prince Edward County CANADA
$29.00/500 ml, 18.0% ABV, Frontenac Blanc, Traminette

Oak Fermentation


Wines from the March, 2015 blind tasting.

These wines have been barrel-fermented to extract maximum oak characteristics. Taste the unique flavour profiles of oak expressed in three different grape varietals.

Kettle Valley Pinot Gris 2013, British Columbia CANADA
$24.00/750 ml, 13.6% ABV, Pinot Gris

Norman Hardie Cuvee ā€œLā€ Chardonnay 2012, Ontario CANADA
$69.00/750 ml, 12.4% ABV, Chardonnay

The Grinder Pinotage 2012, Swartland SOUTH AFRICA
$13.95/750 ml, 14.0% ABV, Pinotage