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Wines from the February 23, 2015 regional tasting.

Taste through the major varietals grown in Alsace, France. Mostly white wines will be poured along with regional food pairings.

Pierre Sparr Pinot Blanc NV, Alsace FRANCE
$18.95/750 ml, 12.5% ABV, Pinot Blanc

Henri Ehrhart Pinot Gris Reserve Particuliere 2013, Alsace FRANCE
$18.95/750 ml, 13.0% ABV, Pinot Gris

Jean Biecher & Fils Riesling 2012, Alsace FRANCE
$14.95/750 ml, 12.0% ABV, Riesling

Trimbach Riesling 2012, Alsace FRANCE
$21.95/750 ml, 12.5% ABV, Riesling

Joseph Cattin Gewurztraminer 2012, Alsace FRANCE
$17.95/750 ml, 13.5% ABV, Gewurztraminer

Darting Pinot Noir 2011, Pfalz GERMANY
$19.95/750 ml, 14.0% ABV, Pinot Noir


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